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The nature of interspecific interactions and co‐diversification patterns, as illustrated by the fig microcosm Wang AY; Peng YQ Nov 2019
Forest proximity and lowland mosaic increase robustness of tropical pollination networks in mixed fruit orchards Sritongchuay T Dec 2019
Ecological stoichiometry of the epiphyte community in a subtropical forest canopy Huang JB Nov 2019
Fossil leaves of Berhamniphyllum (Rhamnaceae) from Markam, Tibet and their biogeographic implications Zhou ZK; Wang TX Nov 2019
Reductions in water, soil and nutrient losses and pesticide pollution in agroforestry practices: a review of evidence and processes Zhu XA Nov 2019
Complete chloroplast genome of Angiopteris yunnanensis (Marattiaceae) Jiang QY Nov 2019
Automatic standardized processing and identification of tropical bat calls using deep learning approaches Chen X; Zhao J Nov 2019
Non‐pollinating cheater wasps benefit from seasonally poor performance of the mutualistic pollinating wasps at the northern limit of the range of Ficus microcarpa Zhang T Dec 2019
Long‐term physiological and growth responses of Himalayan fir to environmental change are mediated by mean climate Panthi S Nov 2019
Pliocene flora and paleoenvironment of Zanda Basin, Tibet, China Huang J Nov 2019
Challenging battles of plants with phloem-feeding insects and prokaryotic pathogens Jiang YJ Nov 2019
Wood density, growth and mortality relationships of lianas on environmental gradients in fragmented forests of montane landscapes Roeder M Sep 2019